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Caring for Your Jewelry

Sterling silver tarnishes from the interaction of silver and sulfides in the air (oxidation) and can turn silver components black. Oxidation is a natural process and can be accelerated by many things: humidity, pool/spa chemicals in water, and even the chemistry of some people's skin. Polishing silver with a soft treated chamois such as a Sunshine Cloth works well and is quick and easy. This process won't harm the crystals or gemstones. Its best to store your jewelry in an airtight container when not worn to slow down the tarnishing process. The upside of oxidation is that it is a sign of quality sterling jewelry that will look brand new again after a little care. 

Sterling silver dips or ultrasonic cleaners are never recommended for hand stamped personalized jewelry that has been purposefully oxidized to highlight lettering on the jewelry piece. This process will completely remove oxidation and the lettering will be pale. Instead, using the above polishing process is highly recommended. 

Pearls are soft and porous in nature and should only be cleaned in warm sudsy water and dried thoroughly afterwards. Never put pearls or other soft stones (such as opals) in an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Doing this may cause cracking of your stones. Cleaning dips will remove the natural nacre (outside layer of lustre) of the pearl unless specifically made for pearls and soft stones. 

Precious metals such as sterling silver, gold filled, vermeil and gold are soft metals and can scratch from everyday wear. Items that come in contact with the metals such as charms, beads, crystals and gemstones will eventually scratch the metal. This is normal and cannot be prevented, however, minor surface scratches can be buffed out. 

Always put your jewelry on last AFTER hairspray, perfume, body lotion, etc. Using these products after jewelry is on can create buildup, dull, and harm your beautiful pieces. NEVER wear jewelry in the shower, pools/spas, or in saunas. 

Caring properly for your jewelry will extend the life and beauty of the pieces so they may be enjoyed for many, many years.